How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

October 1, 2020

Unless you’ve suffered a serious injury before, the chances are good you have never required the guidance of a personal injury lawyer. Now that you are in need of legal counsel, identifying the right lawyer for the job might feel like an overwhelming task.

There is no doubt that your choice of personal injury lawyer will have a major impact on your case. The right lawyer can evaluate your claim and advise you what compensation you might recover. They can work to obtain a fair settlement or—failing that—bring your case to trial.

If you are in the need of a skilled Dallas personal injury lawyer, the team at the Jackman Personal Injury is ready to help. Until then, consider the following tips on finding the best personal injury lawyer for your case.

Find an Attorney Focused on Injury Cases

There are two types of attorneys: those that focus on a specific area of the law, and those that dabble in a little bit of everything. The attorneys that take on any type of case that happens to walk in the door are known as general practitioners.

A broad range of experience is great, but an attorney that focuses exclusively on litigating personal injury claims is likely a better fit for your case. By dedicating their full time to this area of the law, they are more likely to absorb legal knowledge and develop trial skills related to injury claims.

Seek Counsel With Experience Handling Similar Cases

The specific nature of your attorney’s experience handling personal injury claims is relevant. After all, these cases can take many forms. You could benefit from an attorney that has experience handling cases with fact patterns similar to yours.

One reason this is beneficial is that this experience gives your attorney an upper hand in negotiating a settlement. By taking on this specific type of personal injury case, your lawyer could have useful insight into determining what your case is worth.

Find an Attorney Unafraid of Trial

The reality is that most injury claims never go in front of a jury. The vast majority of these cases resolve through the negotiation of a monetary settlement. However, that does not mean a fair settlement offer will simply fall in your lap.

Obtaining a strong offer for compensation requires a strong case. By building evidence that shows the other side you are likely to prevail at trial, you are more likely to obtain the settlement offer you deserve.

One of the best ways to push the other side into negotiating in good faith is by making it clear you are willing to take the case to trial. Insurance companies rarely want to roll the dice on a jury verdict, and are more likely to make a reasonable settlement offer if they see your attorney is prepared to take the case to trial.

Seek Out Referrals

It is not enough to base your potential attorney hire on online or television ads. It is one thing for an attorney to hold themselves out as competent, but it is another to have former clients vouch for them.

For that reason, it is helpful to seek out recommendations from friends and family members. Unlike with paid ads, these individuals are likely to give their unvarnished opinion of their attorneys.

Trust Your Instincts

An attorney is more than a resume. They are individuals, with all of the complexities and faults that people come with. Because of this, it is important that you find an attorney that you get along with on a personal level. You are likely to spend a lot of time with your legal counsel, so you need to select someone you trust. Trust your instincts if you feel like an attorney is not a good fit on a personal level.

The Value of a Free Consultation

Most personal injury lawyers—including the team at Jackman Personal Injury—offer free initial consultations. These consultations offer you an invaluable opportunity to ask questions of your prospective attorney. These questions could include any of the considerations discussed above.

During your free consultation with the Jackman Personal Injury, we are happy to discuss your track record of success handling personal injury cases. We look forward to the opportunity to review your case and advise you of your legal options. To learn more, call the Jackman Personal Injury right away to schedule your free consultation.

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