Car accidents are so prevalent that we’re nearly all destined to be involved in one at some point. These dangerous accidents are often the result of negligent driving practices, and if a negligent driver leaves you injured in a car accident, it’s time to seek the professional legal counsel you need. The dedicated personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers at The Jackman Personal Injury in Dallas understand how difficult both your recovery and the legal process can be after a car accident and are committed to harnessing their impressive experience in support of your claim’s most favorable outcome.

The Insurance Company

The at-fault driver’s insurance company, which you will inevitably be dealing with, is paid to compensate you for the damages you’ve suffered, but they are driven by large profits. This means they are highly motivated to minimize payouts – and to even quash claims outright when they’re given the opportunity. The insurance company has extensive experience in these practices and has the resources and tools to implement aggressive policies, including:

  • Offering Early Settlements – If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident that was caused by another driver’s negligence, you’re not only extremely vulnerable but are also watching your medical expenses rack up. Further, you may not be aware of exactly how serious your injuries are from the outset – and may not recognize the future health-related expenses you’ll likely face. If the insurance company sweeps in and makes a settlement offer, it’s very likely because it’s attempting to wrap up the matter before the full extent of your damages come to light, and once you sign off on a settlement, your ability to pursue further compensation ends. Never accept a settlement offer until you go over the terms with a personal injury attorney who has the experience to accurately assess your damages in their entirety.
  • Stalling the Process – Sometimes, all an insurance company has to do is simply stall the settlement process, knowing that the accident victim will become frustrated and, thus, more amenable to accepting a less-than-adequate offer. Your resourceful personal injury and car accident lawyers have the legal acumen and experience to help guide your claim forward as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • Making the Process as Convoluted as Possible – The insurance company may attempt to make the claims process so complicated and convoluted that claimants give up in exasperation. This is another issue for your experienced personal injury lawyer. While you focus on your recovery, he or she will focus on providing the insurance company with the documentation it needs while skillfully negotiating for terms that support your rights.

Reputable personal injury attorneys are neither fooled nor intimidated by the tactics of insurance companies.

The At-Fault Driver

When a motorist heads out on the road, he or she takes on the significant responsibility of driving safely. When motorists fail to take this responsibility seriously enough, they are more likely to injure others in dangerous car accidents. Such driver negligence can take many forms, but three of the most dangerous include:

  • Speed – Speed is one of the most significant elements of serious car accidents. The higher the speed involved, the greater the risk that the accident will be deadly. Drivers who ignore speed limits make our roadways more dangerous for all. Further, drivers are responsible for setting their speed in accordance with the actual conditions on the road – regardless of the posted speed limit (which is intended for ideal conditions).
  • Distraction – When you’re distracted, it makes it that much more difficult to attend to the task at hand, and this is just as true for motorists as it is for anyone else. The problem is that motorists face the immense responsibility of driving safely, and there’s very little room for error. Distraction is becoming a more and more serious problem on our roads, and smartphone usage takes top billing as the most dangerous distraction of all.
  • Exhaustion – Many motorists who would not knock back a few drinks and get behind the wheel are far less concerned about driving drowsy. The fact is, however, that the effects both have on our motor skills are quite similar. It is commonly assumed that drowsy driving plays a more critical role in dangerous car accidents than we even realize.

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