If you ride, you enjoy a special relationship with the road, but you don’t necessarily get the full attention of the other motorists all around you. Motorcyclists are far more vulnerable to dangerous accidents on our roadways, and these accidents are often caused by the negligence of other motorists. If another driver’s negligence leaves you injured in a motorcycle accident, don’t wait to reach out to the dedicated personal injury attorneys at The Jackman Personal Injury in Dallas. The motorcycle accident lawyers from our firm focus on cutting through the insurance company’s run-around and helping you get back on your feet (physically and financially) as efficiently as possible.

On Your Bike

When you are on your bike, you are at far greater risk of being in a traffic accident than you are when you’re in your car, and there are myriad reasons for this, including:

  • On your bike, you take up far less space on the road, which makes it more difficult for other motorists to see you and which makes it far easier for you to disappear in other motorist’s blind spots.
  • On your bike, you don’t have the rigid cocoon of a car’s metal body to protect you from the immense impact of an accident and from dangerous contact with the road in an accident.
  • On your bike, you’re more vulnerable to the condition of the road, including potholes and other symptoms of inadequate maintenance, the effects of bad weather, debris on the road, and much more.
  • On your bike, even a relatively minor accident can prove life-threatening. Besides motorcycle-involved car accidents, motorcyclist can also be involved in truck accidents that can be devastating.

While you are more vulnerable to the dangers of the road when you ride, motorists are responsible for sharing the road safely with everyone on them, including motorcyclists like you. Drivers should always take the precautions necessary to help ensure that they make the necessary accommodations for motorcyclists in their midst. When they don’t, you should know that motorcycle accident lawyers can help you figure out the options that are available to you.

Driver Negligence

Driver negligence is the root of many dangerous traffic accidents, and this negligence can manifest in many forms, but some of the most deadly include:

  • Distraction – Distracted driving is becoming a more serious problem on our roads, and the rise of the smartphone is at the heart of this increase. Drivers who engage with their phones behind the wheel simply cannot remain as focused as they need to on the road ahead, and motorcyclists often pay the dangerous price. When motorists train their eyes on their phones instead of on the road ahead and the traffic all around them, they might as well be driving blind.
  • Impairment – Drinking and driving are a deadly combination, and every driver out there understands this. Many drivers, however, are not dissuaded from engaging in this often-deadly practice. Impairment plays a dangerous and pivotal role in many life-threatening motorcycle accidents.
  • Exhaustion – The effects of exhaustion are similar to the effects of impairment, but many motorists don’t think twice about getting behind the wheel while drowsy. Drowsy drivers make our highways and byways more dangerous for everyone who travels on them, including motorcyclists.
  • Speed – It’s been said that speed kills, and this is borne out by statistics. Speed plays an outsized role in fatal traffic accidents, including motorcycle accidents. It’s important to note that, to be speeding excessively, a driver need not exceed the speed limit. To calculate a safe speed, motorists must take the effects of the weather, the condition of the road, visibility, and more into careful consideration.
  • Aggression – There is no place for aggression behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. In fact, aggression is one of the most dangerous forms of negligence out there. The clearest sign of an aggressive driver is someone who engages in more than one highly dangerous driving practice at any given time. This can include practices like weaving brazenly in and out of traffic, honking incessantly or otherwise attempting to provoke other motorists, tailgating, refusing to yield the right-of-way, passing dangerously, and much more.

Dangerously negligent motorists make our roads that much riskier for motorcyclists.

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