If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence in a truck accident, you are facing plenty of obstacles ahead. Obtaining just compensation that covers your damages in their entirety, however, is paramount to your ability to fully heal. While you focus on the important job of regaining your physical and emotional health and well-being, dedicated truck accident lawyers at The Jackman Personal Injury in Dallas will focus on carefully guiding your claim toward a resolution that supports your best interests.

Negligent Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are professional drivers who are held to more exacting rules and regulations, but this does not mean that truck drivers are immune from driving negligently. In fact, truck driver negligence is often at the heart of truck accidents, and it can come in a wide range of dangerous forms, including:

  • Distraction – Driving a big rig is a demanding job that requires every truck driver’s total attention. When truckers allow their attention to be distracted by anything other than the important job of driving their rigs safely, it can lead to serious accidents involving car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and accidents not even involving other drivers. While nearly anything can serve as a serious distraction, the smartphone is the most dangerous distraction of them all.
  • Impairment – No one should drink and drive, but truckers are held to even higher standards and shouldn’t touch a drop when they’re on the road. In fact, the law has zero tolerance for impaired truck drivers, and a trucker’s legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is far lower than it is for the general public.
  • Speed – Driving at excessive speeds is incredibly dangerous, but when the motorist who is speeding is behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler, it makes matters that much more so. The fact is that increased speeds correlate very closely with the most dangerous accidents on our highways. Additionally, driving at a safe speed is about much more than simply adhering to the posted speed limit. Truck drivers – and all motorists – are responsible for driving safely in relation to the condition of the road, the traffic around them, and the effects that wet, cold weather has on one’s driving.
  • Exhaustion – There are very specific hours-of-service rules in place to help ensure that truck drivers don’t exhaust themselves by putting in too many hours behind the wheel. Exhaustion can play tricks with our focus, our ability to make snap decisions (such as in a driving emergency), and our ability to control our movements – in much the same way that impairment can. Drowsy truckers are more prone to causing dangerous truck accidents.
  • Aggression – Aggressive drivers tend to barrel forward as if they own the road – and they have a bone to pick. Aggressive drivers often engage in multiple dangerous acts in close succession, which can include tailgating, verbally and physically taunting other motorists, darting in and out of lanes, honking incessantly, and much more. When the aggressive driver you spy on the road happens to be a truck driver, it can make an already dangerous situation even worse.

Negligent truckers are often at-fault for life-threatening truck accidents.

Trucking Companies and Their Insurance Companies

You’ve been injured by a negligent truck driver, and this means that you’re going to be hearing from the trucking company’s insurance provider. The fact is that both of these entities are very motivated to minimize your settlement in support of their profits, and they have significant resources at their disposal to help them accomplish this. You, however, do not need to take on the insurance company because that’s the job of your truck accident lawyers. He or she will skillfully advocate on behalf of your legal rights and for compensation that covers the full extent of your damages. The insurance company is well-versed at what it does, but a savvy personal injury attorney will stay the course in his or her unwavering commitment to fighting for your best possible claim resolution.

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