When you head off to work in the morning, you have got plenty of things on your mind, but being injured on the job is not likely to be one of them. Unfortunately, accidents at work are far more common and far more dangerous than you probably realize. If you suffer an injury at work, a workplace injury lawyer at The Jackman Personal Injury in Dallas has the experience, resources, and steady focus to help.

Eye-Opening Statistics on Workplace Injury

The National Safety Council (NSC) shares a wide range of eye-opening statistics related to the danger and prevalence of accidents on the job. These include:

  • Remarkably, an employee suffers an injury on the job every 7 seconds, and this amounts to about 4,600,000 injuries every year.
  • In 2017, injuries on the job led to 104,000,000 days of production lost.
  • The injuries that are most likely to keep employees at home include pain and soreness, which is often linked to long hours spent behind a desk and/or to repetitive motion; tears, strains, and sprains; and punctures, cuts, and lacerations.

NSC reminds all employers that they should take the safety precautions necessary to help their employees avoid the pain and injury associated with preventable accidents on the job.

Common Categories of On-the-Job Injuries

Nearly any kind of injury can be sustained at work, but there are some types that are most commonly associated, including:

  • Overexertion – While overexertion can refer to injuries caused by lifting, lowering, and or moving objects frequently, it can also refer to injuries caused by repetitive motion such as the kind associated with hours spent in front of a computer and factory jobs. The heavy lifting inherent to construction work, however, can cause especially serious overexertion construction accident injuries.
  • Caught-in-Between Accidents – Being caught in between two unyielding objects or pieces of equipment is extremely dangerous and quite common (especially on construction sites and in warehouses). Other types of accidents in this category include being struck by falling objects or equipment; being struck against an object or piece of equipment; being caught within or crushed by objects or equipment; and being caught, crushed, or struck by equipment or a structure that collapses. Such accidents are obviously as terrifying as they are deadly. Employers can help prevent these accidents by storing heavy objects near the ground, by providing employees with the appropriate safety gear and requiring usage, and by remaining vigilant regarding heavy-duty equipment that moves.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents – Slip and fall accidents are both quite common and quite dangerous. When they happen from a height – such as off of a ladder, off of scaffolding, or off of equipment – or from a staircase – they are that much more dangerous.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover their employees’ damages if they are injured on the job. These damages can extend to medical expenses related to recovery and lost earnings during the recovery period. Workers’ compensation insurance is intended to help mitigate an employer’s liability related to injuries on the job and to help ensure that employees are adequately covered for injuries sustained on the job – without regard to who is at fault.

Obtaining Compensation for Workplace Injuries

Although you are likely covered for any injuries you sustain on the job, this does not mean that obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled is going to be easy. Workers’ comp insurance providers – just like other insurance providers – are for-profit businesses that are invested in growing their profits. This means minimizing payouts – and even denying claims outright – whenever possible. The outcome of your workers’ compensation claim is too important to your finances, to your health, and to your future, however, to leave to chance, and you are well-advised to work closely with an experienced workplace injury lawyer who cares. Savvy workers’ compensation attorneys have the resources and legal acumen to help ensure that you obtain just compensation for your work-related injuries.

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